Jake Gyllenhaal wants a family of his own.

The 'Nightcrawler' star - who is currently single - is ready to settle down with the right woman.

He said: ''I want to continue becoming more of an adult than I already am. Hopefully with a family of my own.''

But for the time being, Jake loves being an uncle to his sister Maggie's children, Ramona, 10 and Gloria, five.

He added: ''My sister has raised two beautiful daughters. They are the most amazing girls. It's fun to send them home with a lot of candy, because it was almost like, 'Enjoy it, Mags!' A little payback for being the sister who made me perform weird shows at our parents' dinner parties.''

The 36-year-old actor is subjected to a number of rumours about his love life but he just laughs them off now.

He told People magazine: ''I've learned to have a real sense of humor about things. There will always be opinions. I think I've made my peace with that.''

Meanwhile, Jake previously admitted that his parents divorcing when he was 30 ''changed the dynamic'' in his life.

He explained: ''I couldn't really pinpoint where that happened but there were a number of things that happened in my life, my parents got divorced when I was 30, after many many years and I think my whole family sort of started to shift and change as things do when those things happen - when people express their truth it allows other people to do that. I think it has those reverberations.

''My parents after many years made that decision and I think that changed the dynamic and truth spilled in, in a different way than it had. They went off and did things in their own lives and established the lives that maybe they had always wanted in an interesting way, which allowed, I think, me to do the same thing. It's a wonderful argument, I think, to parenting in that way, when parents are doing what they love in particular. And also loving their children but that's a part of it, doing what you love and it allows your children at whatever age to express that truth.''