'Enemy' makes its audience feel like they are ''dreaming''.

Jake Gyllenhaal, who stars as a college professor in the film who discovers a look-alike actor and learns more about the other man's private affairs, said he enjoyed appearing in a movie that's so intense and explores such a dark subject matter.

He told The Independent newspaper: ''This movie hopefully feels like you're dreaming. It's an exploration of the unconscious. Such an intense mood.

''I have this feeling that, ironically, the darker the places you go, the more you can illuminate. I really do believe in the world being a genuinely complicated place, but a very beautiful one.''

This comes shortly after Jake claimed that everybody in society ought to relate to his 2014 movie 'Nightcrawler', which concerns people who race to crime scenes to film eye-catching incidents before selling the footage to TV news channels.

The 34-year-old star said: ''I equate it with fast food. We all know [it's] bad for us. But people demand it ... This narrative of fear and this spinning of news has a great detrimental effect.''

Jake added society is complicit in this activity.