Movie hunk Jake Gyllenhaal is buffing up for a mysterious new role.

The actor has started training at top Hollywood fitness centre EASTON GYM, where he's working hard at bulking up his frame.

Gyllenhaal was linked to the SPIDER-MAN sequel when Tobey Maguire raised issues about stuntwork on the movie, and now he's determined to get in spidey-shape for another role.

A fellow regular at the gym, which also boasts actors ERIC STOLZ, PATRICK DEMPSEY and T3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star Nick Stahl, says, "Jake seems to be taking this very seriously. He has bought himself new NIKE gear and he works very hard.

"He has a thin frame, but if he keeps working this hard, he'll be buffed up in no time at all."

11/07/2003 19:18