Actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Christian Bale and Joshua Jackson will battle fiercely over the next three days to win the coveted role of Batman.

The list of potential Caped Crusaders also includes Cillian Murphy, HENRY CAVILL and Eion Bailey, all of whom will converge at film studio Warner BROTHERS in a bid to win over movie bosses.

Gyllenhaal, who was considered as a replacement for Tobey Maguire in the currently-shooting SPIDER-MAN sequel, has been working his hardest to maximise his muscles for the role.

A source at Hollywood's EASTON'S gym says, "He's become quite a regular over the past few weeks - and you can already see the results. He's pretty bulky compared to how he was before.

"I'm sure he'd be really disappointed if they gave the role to one of the other guys after all his hard preparation. You can see he's really determined to land this one."

Sources say Hugh Dancy, currently shooting Disney's King Arthur, may also test for the role if his schedule permits and he is able to shave the beard sported by his character GALAHAD.

The movie is expected to go before cameras in February (04).

03/09/2003 21:27