The 22-year-old singer might still be at the early stages of his career, but he already has two platinum discs to his name, thanks to his self-titled debut album. He has just released his third record On My One, but insists he isn't worried about what position the album ends up in.

"Anyone can get a number one now," he told BBC Music. "You only have to sell, like, 20,000 albums or something. If you speak to another band and you say, 'Oh, I had a number one album,' they'll be like, 'yeah, so did we, and John had one last week as well.' It's not really an achievement any more.

"You know, The charts are the charts. I can't really get excited about anything I see in them."

Instead of worrying about how many copies of his album he sells, Jake has a different way of judging the success of his offerings. He'll is a popular choice at this year's festivals, and says the reaction of the crowd is a much better method of ratings his work.

"I guess, for me, it's when you go and play the shows and the festivals and see what kind of crowd you draw," Jake said. "I think that reflects more than the record sales.

"And Gimme The Love's on (British soccer programme) Match Of The Day quite a bit, so I'm happy with that. I'll take that!"

Jake was just 17 when he first started out in the music industry. He is still chasing his big break in America, but admits his surly side makes it difficult when to comes to U.S. television appearances.

"Especially in America, you've got to be so enthusiastic or else there's no point in doing it," he said. "Or so they tell me. And that can be hard, when you're not feeling like smiling, to put one on. That's just not me.

"I just feel like the time spent doing a lot of interviews could be used making more music. Then the people doing the interviews can have something to write about. But that's just my take on it."