Jake Bugg is terrified of zombies.

The 'Lightning Bolt' hitmaker has a recurring nightmare about being chased by a gang of undead monsters and he admits it reflects a genuine fear.

Speaking in the new issue of Q magazine, he said: ''I have a recurring nightmare. I'm on the deserted streets of Nottingham at night being pursued by a gang of zombies. It's unbelievably scary that dream.

''I'm always in this dilemma about whether I should kill myself or not before they catch me or not. I couldn't face being caught by zombies - I'm genuinely concerned by it.''

The 19-year-old musician - who recently released his second album 'Shangri La' - admits he is quite an ''emotional'' person who is always in touch with his feelings.

Asked when he last said 'I love you', he replied: ''On the phone to my mum from LA a couple of days ago. And my band. I always tell my band I love them. It gets quite emotional if you play together and things go right.''