British singer Jake Bugg has pulled a song about his whirlwind romance with supermodel Cara Delevingne off the tracklisting of his upcoming new album.

The teenage star releases his second record, Shangri La, next month (Nov13) and it originally included Pretty Lady, a song detailing Bugg's five-month relationship with the blonde beauty, which ended in April (13).

Pretty Lady no longer features on the record, although Bugg is adamant it was axed for reasons of quality control rather than its subject matter.

Referring to the headline-grabbing romance as "the thing with Cara", he tells Q magazine, "It's just... a song, innit? (sic)... People were making up stories about it so I made mine from it."

Asked why it was pulled from Shangri La, he replies, "Not because of the subject, but when the final mixes came back it was one of them that didn't seem as strong... I wanted Pretty Lady on there... There are cases where you write songs because you didn't want to speak about the subject. If I could talk about them I would, but I write songs instead.

"So people can say what they want about that song. And it will come out as a B-side or something. I'm not scared of putting that out into the world. We all have things we might not wanna speak about but I think it's good for my soul to get it out there."