Jaime Winstone admits her boyfriends used to be intimidated by her dad.

The 'Elfie Hopkins' actress says having a father like Ray Winstone - who is famed for his hardman roles - was not always easy when she was growing up because her love interests were too scared to come round to her house.

Jaime - who is dating photographer Tom Beard - said: ''It was sometimes hard for boyfriends to come and meet my dad. Some of them were nervous. It was when they would try to impress him that it became cringey. I mean, he's not this big tough guy at home, though you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him. That's why it's great with Tom - he's very confident and he doesn't feel like he needs to impress anyone. We're a good balance, and I think that's important - you don't want a situation where someone is dependent or feels insecure at the other person's success.''

However, Jaime is grateful for her upbringing as she says her parents - Ray and mother Elaine - have encouraged her to do whatever she wants to do.

She told You magazine: ''I think the best thing your parents can do for you is to let you be yourself. And that's exactly what mine have done. My mum Elaine is a massive inspiration. She's been a full-time wife and mum, the family rock, who's as far from showbiz as you can get. And my dad always said, 'Do your homework, be a good person, don't turn people over, and do what you want, but do it well.' He never tried to talk me out of acting, though he knew the pitfalls. He saw that it was right for me. I go to him for advice all the time, though.''