Jaime Winstone feels ''very liberated'' by her new shaved haircut.

The 26-year-old actress - the daughter of actor Ray Winstone - has chopped off her locks to star in Sky TV series 'Mad Dogs', and her New Look has made her feel like she's experiencing a ''fresh start'' in her life.

She said: ''I love it, I've experimented with my hair quite a bit, but to get it all off is very liberating. And do you know - I feel actually quite feminine. When you get it off, it's a new fresh start.''

Jaime - who is dating photographer Tom Beard - confessed her potential boyfriends are always more ''scared'' of her than they are of her dad, who is known for playing hardmen in movies, because he is a ''big softie'' off-screen.

She explained: ''I think they're more scared of me really. I mean obviously he can be a little bit scary but he's a big softie, he's lovely. He's just daddy really, so it's nice.''

The brunette star is set to appear opposite Ray in forthcoming horror movie 'Elfie Hopkins' and she found it ''really cool'' and ''very funny'' filming scenes with her father because she is so used to seeing him appear in big Hollywood blockbusters.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Lorraine, she added: ''He really wanted to be involved, and obviously I was hugely grateful, but he's always doing these big Hollywood films now so I think it's really nice for him to do something independent and really strong and British, and support his daughter I think.

''And yeah, it was wicked, it was really cool doing some scenes with my dad - with me being Elfie Hopkins and him being Butcher Bryn, it was very funny.''