Jaime Winstone doesn't take fashion "too seriously".

The 26-year-old actress says although she "knows her stuff" when it comes to designers and the latest looks she prefers to have fun with her style.

She said: "I do know my stuff. I don't take it too seriously, though. Fashion is something that should be enjoyable."

Although she loves experimenting with her look, Jaime knows which of the latest fashions don't suit her and thinks it's important people remember that what looks great on supermodels might not necessarily work for them.

She explained to Britain's InStyle magazine: "Some things are clearly not me. I can't be a pretty little girl-next-door, for instance. I'm about as sweet as a chewed-up toffee.

"I don't mind making a bit of a mistake, but I'm not a supermodel. Sometimes the outfits [on a shoot] are fantastic but they're just not you. You can forget you're not a fashion model."

Although she doesn't opt for girly styles, Jaime says she like the "fetish-y" looks that British designer Vivienne Westwood creates.

She said: "She has that undertone of punk and that theatrical vibe. That's very fetish-y and quite 90s, but easy to wear."