Actress Jaime Pressly has a childhood best friend to thank for helping her kick an eating disorder - because the pal caught the former bulimic in the act of throwing up.
The Joe Dirt star admits she was so desperate to keep her weight down as a young model, she resorted to regurgitating anything she ate after meals.
But when her friend Dawn caught her in the bathroom, she insisted that Pressly stop her desperate bid to stay thin.
The actress, who recounts her troubled days as a model in new memoir It's Not Necessarily Not The Truth, says, "Dawn was going into my bedroom to grab something and she walked past the bathroom and heard me, and (she) went and got her boyfriend and her boyfriend busted the door down and said, 'You will not, absolutely not, do this.'"
Pressly reveals the "fear in their eyes" made her realise she had gone too far in her bid for modelling perfection.