Former Playboy model Jaime Pressly feared she would have to star in a sex tape to break Hollywood, after a string of celebrities' raunchy videos catapulted them to stardom. Stars such as Paris Hilton, Fred Durst, Eve, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have been the subject of publicity - both positive and negative - when their private romps were released to the world. The MY NAME IS EARL star admits she is shocked that people can go from the z-list to the a-list by just being taped having sex. Pressly says, "No way would I ever do it. Not after what happened to everybody I know. And people I don't even know! Not a chance. "Last year sex tapes were the in thing. It made me go, 'Jesus, all I had to do was have sex with somebody on a tape? I've been working for 11 years busting my a*s and all I had to do was have sex on the internet?'"