Actress Jamie Pressly has her sights set on becoming the next Goldie Hawn - by refusing to marry her fiance ERIC CUBICHE. The My Name Is Earl star, who has an eight-month-old son with DJ Cubiche, is impressed by how Hawn and her partner-of-25-years, Kurt Russell, have stayed together for so long without getting wed. And now Pressly plans to follow their example by not rushing to the altar. She says, "We're so happy with the way everything is. "If I could, like, put a ring on his finger and have it just be like that without us just having to go through the rigmarole of throwing a big wedding and doing that whole situation... that just seems like such a production. "My life is a production. I don't want to have to go do a whole other one that I've got to pay for. "Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have got it right. They're the only ones that have lasted. You're there and together because you want to be, not because paper says you have to be." But Pressly admits she does eventually plan to marry Cubiche. She tells, "Eventually, when things calm down and the baby's a little older (we'll get married) - although I'm sure I'll be pregnant by that point and maybe we'll have to wait again. "We're fine right now. We're happy."