Jaime Pressly has been sentenced to three years probation for driving under The Influence (DUI).

The 'My Name Is Earl' star was arrested in January after failing a sobriety test during a routine traffic stop and originally pleaded not guilty to the offence but has now struck a deal with prosecutors in order to avoid jail time.

Jaime agreed to enter a plea of no contest to a misdemeanour DUI charge in exchange for the probation, avoiding the standard six months jail time, E! Online reports.

Santa Monica Deputy City Attorney Melanie Skehar also revealed that Pressly will be forced to pay $390 in fees as well as attend a six-month alcohol education programme.

Lawyers for Jaime, 33, previously revealed she was worried the charges would damage her reputation.

Her lawyer Rich Hutton said: "She's concerned about how the arrest will affect her image because she feels this situation is unjustified. It doesn't represent who she is.

"She's a wonderful woman. She's doing great. She takes this [DUI case] very seriously. She's upset, but overall - aside from this - she's doing very well."