The Australian star's castmates have now started an appeal for someone to post the grainy footage online after Jai made his confession during a press conference on Monday (01Aug16).

Joel Kinnaman kicked off the quest to get the truth about a blurry naked image he was shown, stating, "When I was on the set I saw a photograph of a naked man running after David Ayer, who had a look of abject terror on his face.

"He had perfect running form that you would only see at the Olympics. We can't say for certain if it was a naked Jai."

But the actor, who plays Captain Boomerang in the much-anticipated new film, was more than happy to confirm the running man was himself.

"David would like to come and visit base camp, where all our trailers would be, to keep an eye on things," the actor explains to WENN. "He would just open the trailer door and he'd be in there saying, 'What's up dude?'

"One time I was getting out of the shower and he came in and it was an opportune moment, so I dropped the towel and went after him. I chased him around the whole parking lot and I never got him."

After learning the truth, Kinnaman said, "Can we start an online charity drive to release this photo?" prompting the two stars' castmate Will Smith to reveal he has seen enough of Courtney naked: "I've had quite a few movies where I've had really extensive love scenes but I've never had a co-star I've seen naked more than Jai. He had a really hard time keeping his clothes on, on set. He didn't feel the need."