Rapper Jae Millz has a renewed belief in God after suffering a seizure in his sleep.
The Young Money crewmember was hospitalised after the recent health scare, but insists it's not the first time it's happened - and he's blaming the stress of money troubles for the seizure.
He tells Vlad TV, "I had a f**king seizure in my sleep. It was like the second time it happened in my life though. It's not like I have a big history of seizures like every year or it's something that triggers it, really it's just stress. Like I just had a bunch of s**t on my mind, some s**t happened and kinda f**ked up some money and I'm just thinking about so much, I'm not relaxing. I laid down and woke up with (an) ambulance at my crib (home). They had me admitted into the hospital."
Millz has since recovered from the seizure and is grateful to be alive - admitting the scary experience has reignited his belief in a higher being.
He says, "Due to the fact of that (surviving the seizure), that lets me know the Lord is on my side."