Jaden Smith has launched his own vegetarian burger to help support hurricane relief charities.

The 19-year-old actor - who is the son of Hollywood stars Will and Jada Pinkett Smith - has joined forces with Umami Burger in Los Angeles to launch three new burgers, which will help bring more health-conscious dining options to the public.

Jaden said: ''You should come to Umami and have the Jaden slider trio because you're not gonna believe there's no meat in it and it's impossible and you're just not gonna believe it.

''So there's the normal impossible, the Korean barbecue and the Umami barbecue. I'm trying to satisfy different flavours for people but at the same time give them a plant-based burger that they, you know, can enjoy and promote healthy living and lifestyle.''

But Jaden's healthy burgers aren't just good for the body, they're also helping to bring much needed supplies to places such as Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean Islands, which have all been devastated by hurricanes in recent weeks.

He continued: ''But I also want there to be a social impact and social change aspect to it as well. So $1 from every burger that is sold from my partnership with Umami will be going to a specific charity for hurricane relief.

''So I feel like this is very important for moving the future of humanity into the plant-based diets for the world and this is at the forefront of the world's food technology and I just want to be part of that positive change and I want to bring the youth in and everybody else as well.

''This is what the world needs to be on. Umami is at the forefront of something that's beautiful.''

All three burgers will set each buyer back by $15, and for every purchase $1 will be donated to the American Red Cross for their support during the recent hurricane crises in the US.

Jaden is outspoken on ethical and humanitarian issues and even created the ethically sourced, produced and packaged spring water JUST Water, which will also be available at the restaurant for a limited time.

Umami Burger CEO Daniel del Olmo said to Billboard Style: ''We collaborate with artists and well-known personalities for our Umami Burger Artist Series to give our guests new ways to connect with their favourite stars while supporting important causes.

''Jaden's Impossible Trio is a brand new, environmentally conscious dining experience benefitting the American Red Cross hurricane relief efforts, and we're excited to roll it out nationwide in partnership with Jaden, Impossible Foods, and JUST water.''