British singer Jade Jones is heading to the U.K.'s House of Commons with his campaign to bring his brother's killer to justice.

The former Damage star's brother John Kennedy was stabbed to death in a busy London pub in 1997, but police have never secured a conviction in the case.

Following a vigil in London last month (Apr14), Jones is leading a new drive urging revellers at the bar that night to come forward with any information.

A $32,000 (£20,000) reward is being offered for information leading to a prosecution and the star and his mother Rita Kennedy-Jones are meeting with British Member of Parliament (Mp) David Lammy to try to increase awareness of the unsolved case.

Jones tells U.K. Tv show Lorraine, "Seventeen years is too long for a family to be grieving... We are making efforts as a family to encourage witnesses to come forward. We have had meetings with Simon Hughes, Justice Minister, who has promised anonymity for witnesses who want to come forward... The people at that pub have been scared to say anything... At the minute, our brother's killer is out on the loose.

"We are going to the House of Commons to meet the Deputy Police Commissioner (of London) and David Lammy (Mp). We just want to put the right people in place to help our cause."