Jade Jagger is ready to be a grandmother.

The 38-year-old fashion designer - who is in a relationship with DJ Dan Williams - admits it is strange that while many of her friends are settling down to have children, she feels she has passed that stage after having daughters Assisi, now 17, and Amba, 13, so young.

She said: "It's more likely that I'll be a grandmother in the next few years than a mum again. I was a very young mum, I'd be happy to be a grandmother."

Jade is currently focusing on her new Jade Jagger boutique in London and says she is planning to get the girls - her children with ex-partner Piers Jackson - involved.

She added: "My daughters will be my Saturday girls. It's going to be fun - hard work, but I'm used to it."

Despite her own wild youth, Jade - who was expelled from school at 16 - insists she is a strict parents.

She said: "I don't think they're as wild as I was but because of everything I went through, I think I understand them.

"I'm quite strict with them - I make them do their homework and I'm completely on the case with GCSEs, explaining why it's important to get good grades."