Rock daughter Jade Jagger's battle with the owner of a sheep savaged to death by her dog has been settled out of court.

The offspring of SIR Mick Jagger's Ibizan hunting dog - reportedly called MICK after her Rolling Stones father - escaped from her home on the Mediterranean island of San Juan and killed a local farm animal.

Later on that same day, Mick once again ventured away from Jagger's home and slaughtered another sheep from a separate farm.

The owner of the first victim threatened to take legal action against Jagger if she didn't pay up like she'd promised, but the pair have now agreed a deal out of court.

A source tells Britain's DAILY MIRROR newspaper, "Both sheep were killed on the same day. The dog, greyhound size, escaped from Jade's farmyard one morning and killed the first sheep.

"Then it was captured and Jade agreed to pay the farmer for his loss. But that afternoon it got out again and killed another sheep from another farm. For some reason Jade didn't want to settle but now she's paid up."

09/06/2004 13:30