Jade Jagger's icons are her parents.

The 39-year-old designer - daughter of Rolling Stone legend Sir Mick Jagger and his ex-wife Bianca Jagger - says there's no need for her to look up to anyone else because of the family she was born into.

She said: "I really hate it when people ask me who my icons are - when your parents are Bianca and Mick you don't really need any more icons in your life."

Jade says she loved her upbringing as she got to hang out with so many inspirational people.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Until my early teens I lived with my mother in New York and I spent a lot of time in the company of her friends, mostly artists and designers, such as Andy Warhol, Ross Bleckner and Francesco Clemente, none of whom had kids, so I was like their shared child. I always felt quite proud to be the only child in that group. I had a lot of attention and a lot of people passing down their little goujons of knowledge to me, which was quite exciting. It was quite cute to be the mascot and to have all those mentors."