A famed Hollywood dermatologist who has worked with Jade Jagger, Sharon Osbourne, and Sarah Ferguson has become the target of a new lawsuit alleging he scammed financial investors out of millions of dollars.
Steven Victor, known as 'Dr. Lookgood' by his legions of celebrity clients, has been sued in U.S. federal and state courts by a group of Texan investors, who allege their $2.5 million (GBP1.4million) funding to Victors Cosmeceuticals Inc. (VCI) has been misappropriated.
According to allegations filed in Manhattan Supreme Court documents in July (08), Victor used $43,000 (GBP23,243) of the proceeds on a vacation to Paris, France with his wife and and additional $49,000 (GBP26,486) to pay off their personal American Express bill.
The suit also alleges the doctor charged $600,000 (GBP324,324) in unauthorised personal expenses.
The Victors defaulted on $1.3 million (GBP702,703) of their debt in July 2006 and the balance in January 2007 - prompting him to reinvent the company as Victor Products Inc., the state suit claims.
Victor has been successfully sued in the past by several suppliers, lenders and business associates who claimed fraud, unpaid loans, misuse of funds and refusal to pay bills, according to the New York Post.