Reality TV star Jade Goody says she will fight her cervical cancer, days before she goes under the knife to have her womb removed.

The emergency hysterectomy follows her swift removal from the Indian Big Brother house, where she found out she had second stage cervical cancer.

Doctors told her the cancer had been detected "in the nick of time", leaving Goody fearing she may not live to see her two sons, Bobby, five, and Freddie, three, grow up.

"I've got no control over this. I can't say enough now, alright – for five years I've got to keep going back for tests and stuff," she told the Sun newspaper.

"I've got no control over this disease and I'm bloody terrified. I am going to fight the damn thing every step of the way because I have two beautiful boys who are my world."

Goody, clutching a tissue and tearful throughout the interview, denied claims that she was going to "milk it" in a bid to win sympathy from a British public largely hostile to her.

"Criticism is horrible," she added. "I know I get a lot of it and I'm not really bothered, normally. Say whatever you want but I just think at this time it's a bit sick to say that I'd lie or something's fishy about this."

She finished: "At the end of the day I am going to bloody beat this thing because I've got two amazing kids to live for. And there's no way I'm gonna let them down."

23/08/2008 18:15:59