Jade Goody intends to earn "as much money as possible" before she dies to ensure a bright future for her sons, according to her publicist.

The Big Brother star has months to live after cervical cancer spread through her body but is dedicated to saving her sons from the "horrendous childhood" she had, said Max Clifford.

He told ITV1's This Morning: "She was sitting on the bed, still in pain, probably a couple of hours after being told she was going to die and she was saying to me, 'look Max, I know I'm ignorant but I'm going to make sure that my boys get the best education. I'm going to pay for their education for the rest of their lives because that'll give them the best chance in life.'"

He said the 27-year-old told him: "I've loved being a reality TV star, it's been wonderful to me, I've met all kinds of really wonderful people so I consider myself to be lucky.

"So I'm doing what comes naturally to me - I want to make as much money as possible to look after my boys. This is how I do it."

Goody was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year and learned last week that the disease had spread to her bowl, liver and groin. And on Friday doctors at the Royal Marsden hospital in London told her she has only months left to live.

Her boyfriend Jack Tweed proposed to her in hospital on Friday and Harrods owner Mohammed Al Fayed has given Goody a dress as a "wedding present", Clifford revealed.

He also said his client had been given a "tremendous lift" by the thousands of messages support sent to her while in hospital.

"She's got a tremendous satisfaction and happiness that there's been a huge increase in young women all over Britain having cervical smears," he added.

"As she said, 'hopefully they won't suffer what I've suffered and they can learn from what happened to me'."

16/02/2009 17:51:25