Dying British TV star Jade Goody and her two young sons were baptised in London on Saturday (07Mar09).
Goody, who has terminal cancer, was too ill to make the journey to a church as planned, so the ceremony took place in a chapel at the Royal Marsden Hospital, where the beloved reality TV star is a patient.
Looking "pale and fragile" wheelchair-bound Goody was assisted by nurses during the service.
Her publicist insists the baptism will be the last thing the star will do in the public eye before her imminent death.
Goody's new husband, Jack Tweed, and her mother attended the moving ceremony.
He publicist says, "It was in my mind that she was saying a final goodbye to some people. Jade was obviously very happy with the whole thing... It was a very short and emotional service.
"She finds it very hard to stay awake for more than a few minutes but she stayed awake for the 20 minutes of the service."