Jade Ewen's solo songs may end up on the next Sugababes album.

The former Eurovision singer, who joined the group in September after The Departure of the only remaining original member Keisha Buchanan, insists she won't be offended if bandmates Amelle Berrabah and Heidi Range reject the inclusion of 'My Man' and 'Punching Out' on their LP 'Sweet 7'.

She said: "If the girls like them and if it worked it could happen. They're really open to it and asked to hear some of my material.

"But my solo stuff is quite different to what we do now. I'd be flattered, but I'm not going to take offence if they turn them down."

Discussing their next album, fellow band-member Amelle said new material was being recorded but they also plan to keep the songs they were working on before Jade joined..

She told DigitalSpy: "So far we've recorded two new songs that are going on the album.

"It's really nice to have Jade on board for new songs right from the beginning, but we're not going to scrap any of the ones we already have."