Rappers LOX are threatening to never record an album again after falling out with their label Interscope - and band members Jadakiss and Styles P are also refusing to make any more solo albums.

The shock announcement is suspected to have come as a result of LOX's feud with labelmate 50 CENT, and the revelation that Ruff Ryders Records management, and childhood pals, DEE and WAAH DEAN have been negotiating with the superstar behind their backs.

Styles says, "They doing so much bulls**t to us, and it's like you can't do nothing. It's like you work at a real job like at Key Food and you notice the conditions ain't suitable for you and you ain't really getting nowhere."

But LOX insist they won't make a complete departure form the music scene. All three members will now concentrate on their D-Block label and seeking out new talent, according to MTV.com.

Member SHEEK says, "I don't see it as quitting, 'cause we're not quitters.

"But we keep going back and forth and it's not getting nobody nowhere. We basically saying, 'Holla at us when you get it right.' It's ridiculous. Now Jada and Styles are going to switch to CEO mode."