Rapper Jadakiss is refusing to rise to 50 CENT's album taunts, instead hailing his new rival "a marketing genius".

The laid back rap star, real name JAYSON PHILLIPS, upset 50 when he teamed up with the IN DA CLUB hitmaker's longtime foe Ja Rule, and became a verbal target in his controversial diss song PIGGY BANK.

But, unlike 50 Cent's other rivals, Jadakiss is determined not to fuel a war of words with the hardcore rapper - because he's convinced the feud was little more than a ploy to sell albums.

He says, "If you listen to the record, there are only two bars referring to me... He (50 Cent) is a marketing genius... The hype that he created around Piggy Bank caused him to break history again.

"It's not a real beef... He had a plan. He set out to do something, and he more than did it. He executed the s**t out of that s**t.

"I got the utmost respect for everybody until you disrespect me. He didn't really disrespect me... This game is very political. He pays the bills at Interscope (record label) and I gotta respect that. It's the art of war.

"At no time are you ever going to hear me get mad about this."

03/06/2005 09:16