Hollywood couple WILL and Jada Pinkett Smith have a set time when they discuss important issues - every morning and night when they take a shower together.

The photogenic screen stars, who have been married for seven years, believe discussion is the best method of eliminating any possible problems within a relationship, and they choose to do it while soaping up in the shower.

Jada says, "That time is so important for us, (before) we go to bed and when we first wake up in the morning.

"Every day, some part of your day, you better take time out and say, 'Baby, what did you learn today?'"

She adds, "What happens between me and Will is between Will and me. Because I can talk to him about anything, I don't need other people's ideas about what my marriage needs to be or what I need to do about certain situations."

02/09/2004 09:18