LATEST: Jada Pinkett Smith is set to infuriate heavy rockers even more as she considers including hip-hop husband Will Smith in her Ozzfest tour plans.

OZZFEST headliner Ozzy Osbourne caused controversy earlier this month (MAY05) when he added the actress' metal group WICKED WISDOM to the touring festival.

Enraged fans suggested the move would cause a riot when they sent hate mail to the Ozzfest website - and now Pinkett Smith plans to add insult to injury with an idea to bringing her husband onstage.

She says, "We're thinking about it. He's really become a real metalhead lately. He fell in love with Otep (heavy metal group) the other night, so that was really interesting. He wanted to get in the pit.

"Now he's all excited and wants to be down with it."

Whether or not the Ozzfest dates come off for the Hollywood couple, Smith will join his wife and her group when they tour Europe in November (05).

27/05/2005 19:51