Jada Pinkett Smith and Jane Seymour are perilously close to losing their homes in the California wildfires.

Both actresses own homes in the path of the fires, and they're both ready to run at any moment - but Pinkett Smith and husband Will Smith are thankful their problems are nothing compared to those already hit by the blazes.

The MATRIX RELOADED star says, "It's in God's hands. Will and I are doing a lot of praying and I hope the victims are feeling some of the vibrations of the prayers we're putting out in the universe."

Meanwhile, Seymour, who watched fires ravage her garden in 1996, is already packed and ready to dash if she needs to.

Her home is just three kilometres (two miles) from the fires and ash has started landing on her roof.

She says, "I'm really nervous. I was actually in the car with whatever I could take out of the house and the children the other night.

"The last time we had a fire we had to evacuate. The sky was black. It was unbelievable. Back then I filled the car with everything I could find and we left.

"My husband JAMES KEACH actually fought the flames - the jumped right to our house."

Meanwhile, OSCAR winner Cuba Gooding JR has been forced to evacuate his mother from her home, which is in the line of fire.

He says, "They said the house will be fine, but I was like, 'Get her out now so we won't be worried about it.'"

The wildfires have so far killed 14 people and destroyed over 1,000 properties.

29/10/2003 09:44