Jada Pinkett Smith was once threatened by a crazy fan who wanted to kill the actress because of her marriage to Hollywood star Will Smith.
The 37-year-old - who married Smith in 1997 - claims that several years ago she was accosted by a woman in Miami, Florida who was obsessed with her husband.
And Pinkett Smith reveals the obsessed fan made some serious threats against her life.
She says, "You would think it would be Will who gets them, but I always get the crazy ones. There was a woman who had a total meltdown in Miami while I was there.
"The police called my agent and said, 'We have this woman who has plotted to kill Jada because she claims to be married to Will Smith, and that Jada stole him from her.' So the police found this woman and locked her up."
And Pinkett Smith believes that people must pick on her because of her small stature.
She adds, "It's because I'm little. Will is a 6 foot 2 inch, 14-stone black dude, who nobody wants to mess with. So instead they come after the little 4 foot 11 inch chick."