Jada Pinkett Smith and Ben Stiller turned the MADAGASCAR sequel into a family affair - by landing voice work for their kids.
Pinkett Smith's daughter Willow and Stiller's kids Quinlin and Ella all won parts in the animated movie - and their parents couldn't have been prouder.
The actress says, "It was so cute because she'd been asking, 'How does that work? How does the animation thing work? Mommy, what happens?'
"So, it was great when I got the phone call saying, 'Would Willow like to play little Gloria?' My character as a child?' She got to come in and do some lines."
But Stiller insists he wasn't completely comfortable when he got his kids into the studio to record spots.
He explains, "They don't like to be told to do anything, but when my son got in front of the microphone, he was good.
"He just had fun and he was, like, making sounds, and we were saying, like, 'Oh, be happy, be sad.' Then he started to get a little bit intimidated by the microphone and the whole thing.
"That's when you start to feel like you're this horrible stage parent telling them, 'Laugh! Cry!'. But I'm happy that they're both in the movie... I was happy that they weren't getting up there and going all (child star) Shirley Temple or something."