Jada Pinkett Smith treated her COLLATERAL co-star Tom Cruise to a "ghetto gift basket" as a wrap present, after deciding he needed more urban sounds and movies.

The actress was stumped over what to buy for Cruise, but came up with the African-American treasure chest after chatting with co-star Jamie Foxx.

She explains, "I get him the ROCAWEAR, get him all the hip-hop CDs, all the hip-hop classic movies that I know he hadn't seen. I got him an iced-out 'TC' - his initials with diamonds.

"I put it in this beautiful African chest and I gave him some of the great books that African-Americans must read and he loved it.

"I was like, 'What do I get a guy that has everything? I know you don't have Menace II Society in your collection, or SET IT OFF.' I gave him all the movies I did. I said, 'Just don't watch them with the kids.'"

09/08/2004 02:31