Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett Smith has rubbished suggestions her song TASTE YOUR FRUIT is about giving oral sex.

The MATRIX REVOLUTIONS star, 32 - who is currently supporting the European leg of BRITNEY SPEARS' ONYX HOTEL TOUR - is furious Taste Your Fruit, which she composed for her husband Will Smith, has been misunderstood by music associates and the media.

Pinkett Smith explains, "Tasting your fruit is supposed to symbolise the nurturing aspect of the male character. So that's what it was supposed to be about.

"But everytime someone hears the song and they hear the title they're like 'Now what exactly is Tasting Your Fruit supposed to mean?' and it wasn't until my husband brought it up to me, he was like 'You know what people are going to think when they hear this song!'

"You can interpret it anyway you please!"

06/05/2004 17:32