Jada Pinkett Smith has called in Hollywood's DOG WHISPERER to train her pets to avoid rattlesnakes on the family's Malibu, California ranch.
The actress was devastated when her beloved pooch Rocco died after a rattlesnake attack and she now feels compelled to make sure her other dogs stay away from danger.
She says, "I'm willing to do what's necessary to make sure I don't have this same event happen again."
Pinkett Smith called in reality TV star Cesar Millan, who filmed his bid to train the dogs for his Dog Whisperer show.
Millan used real rattlesnakes to teach the dogs to be aware of their sound and danger.
During the shooting of the show, he told Pinkett Smith that more than 150,000 dogs and cats are left dead or seriously injured after venomous snake attacks every year.