Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed she and Will Smith have sex in "interesting" places to keep their love life exciting.

The actress and her Hollywood superstar husband like to experiment when it comes to lovemaking so they don't get stuck in a "routine".

She said: "We make love in some interesting places. I feel like you have to keep spontaneity, you have to keep your partner on their toes because once, you know, it starts getting into a routine, it's like - it gets very boring. You commit, you give your life to someone."

Jada insists she doesn't mind watching Will shoot sex scenes with other actresses - but worries he will "show her up" with his fictional performance In The Bedroom.

Asked if she is able to watch him shoot sex scenes, she said: "I really can. I think - but I'm a different creature in that way as well. You know, I'm always the one that's like, 'Listen, don't show me up, let them see what you got, all right? Don't play with it, you know?' That's always me."

The 39-year-old star admits she and 42-year-old Will - who have two children, son Jaden, 13, and 11-year-old daughter Willow, together - have their disagreements like most couples but have made a pact not to shout at each other.

Speaking on 'Piers Morgan Tonight', she said: "We don't scream at each other. We cut that in the beginning because we're both very passionate people, so we knew we wouldn't survive screaming at each other.

"We have arguments and we have our disagreements and we have our debates. You know, we have our problems. I mean, it's not perfect in the sense that we don't have any issues. It's not an easy marriage."