Stunning actress Jada Pinkett Smith is following in the footsteps of Madonna by writing a children's book.

The SET IT OFF beauty's book, WE GIRLS HOLD UP THE WORLD, is set to be released later this month (SEP04), and is all about the power of girls.

And after speaking with her six-year-old son JADEN and 11-year-old stepson TREY, Jada - wife of WILL SMITH - realised changing the male attitude towards females is still an uphill struggle.

She says, "I stay on Jaden, I try to break Jaden out of those ideals of what he thinks a woman is supposed to be."

Jada admits she was particularly disturbed when Jaden told her that he thought a "fly" girl has to have "a flat stomach, big breasts and a short skirt".

She recalls, "So I said, 'Let's talk about that, because I have a few things I want to say.'

"You have to have conversations with your children. My 11-year-old, Trey, I spoke to him too. So they understand, they get it."

02/09/2004 02:26