Jada Pinkett Smith has a little celebrity competition over her man - TLC star ROZONDA 'CHILLI' THOMAS is smitten with Will Smith after checking out his body in I AM LEGEND.
Thomas, who previously dated Usher and producer Dallas Austin, admits she was stunned by Smith's physique in the hit film - and she envies her actress pal.
Thomas tells Sister2Sister magazine, "I want her man. No, that's my girl. We cool. But I can admire... His body is off the chain.
"I was like, 'Man, when this comes on DVD I'm gonna press pause. He's doing, like, these little push-ups, these pull-ups."
And Smith isn't Chilli's only big screen crush: "I can't wait to see The Rock in something. Now, that's who I have a crush on. That's who they need to put me (in a film) with."