French STEREOLAB singer LAETITIA SADIER has scoffed at suggestions her country's President JACQUES CHIRAC is a peacemaker - despite his resistance to the war in Iraq.

Chirac had evoked the ire of Britain and America by leading protests in the UNITED NATIONS (UN) against their plans to attack Iraq earlier this year (03) - but politically savvy Sadier believes her nation's leader is still immersed in the military machine.

She exclaims, "He's not a pacifist. It's good to be non-aligned with the US, and Europe is a great project, but the guy makes weapons! He's ready for war.

"Now he's saying let's put UN control in Iraq and share the cake. I don't think he cares for the Iraqis.

"They are trying to import democracy into Iraq like COCA-COLA or camembert. It is very strange."

17/10/2003 13:39