Actress Jaclyn Smith regrets pulling out of two planned CHARLIE'S ANGELS TV reunions - because now she'll never have the chance to work with the late Farrah Fawcett again.
Smith, who was among the celebrities in attendance at Fawcett's funeral in Los Angeles on Tuesday (30Jun09), has revealed there were firm plans to bring the three original Angels back together for a TV special before the release of the second Charlie's Angels movie in 2003 - but it fell flat.
She says, "They wanted us to do something that was so embarrassing."
And Smith, Fawcett and Kate Jackson also had the opportunity to sit down for a reunion special in 2006 - the same year the trio teamed up to pay tribute to Charlie's Angels creator Aaron Spelling at the Emmy Awards.
She tells TV Guide magazine, "Now I feel regret - why didn't we do it? We'd have that forever."