Original CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Jaclyn Smith fears the cast of the cult 1970s TV series is cursed - because four leading stars have all battled cancer. Smith and fellow Angel Kate Jackson battled breast cancer, John Forsythe, who provided the voice of detective agency boss Charlie, is a colon cancer survivor, and Farrah Fawcett is currently fighting the disease. Smith, who is now a leading cancer research advocate, admits the Charlie's Angels health curse has been playing on her mind a lot recently. She says, "Maybe we drank something in the water on that set." But she insists there's also an upside to the curse - three of the show's cancer sufferers are now cancer survivors, and she's convinced that good luck will rub off on Fawcett, who was diagnosed with a recurrence of the disease earlier this summer (07). She says, "She's gonna get through it. She's getting well right now."