Original CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Jaclyn Smith's home is difficult to miss during the Christmas holidays, because she covers it with bright lights every year.

The veteran actress admits that she couldn't bring herself to mark the occasion with understated decorations.

She says, "My husband says planes could use our house as a beacon. I do overdo it. I can't help myself. I think we all have our eccentricities and Christmas would be mine.

"I put lights everywhere, Santa Clauses, trees in every room, the dogs have a tree in the kitchen. I know it sounds weird.

"It's beautiful, it's happy. At first, my son, who's 23 now, would go, 'Mom, it's an embarrassment - don't (do put so many lights up)!' But now he'll come in (and say), 'The (lights on the) right hedge are out.' He's into it."