Jackson Scott Announces First Full Autumn 2013 UK And European Tour

Jackson Scott Announces First Full Autumn 2013 UK And European Tour

Jackson Scott has shared a brand new video for 'Sandy', one of the standout songs from his acclaimed Fat Possum debut LP, Melbourne. A bold, brave song, it is quite possibly the first time the subject of the Sandy Hook massacre has ever been tackled by a musician. Jackson's lyrics lament the loss of twenty-six lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, one of the deadliest shootings in American history.

The video depicts happy, carefree teenagers, enjoying the mindless fun which the Sandy Hook victims will never experience. This references the fact that Jackson believes many people may listen to the song and not really be aware of the grave subject discussed in the lyrics. Scott told NPR: " I think setting it up with the girl putting on the vinyl to me was supposed to show [that] these kids are just listening to the song and having fun. They might not even be thinking about what the song is about. They're just listening to the record, [and] I would imagine there [is] a decent amount of people out there who might hear the song and [won't] really know or think what it's about."

A full European tour has also been announced for the autumn, including a run of four shows across the UK. Full European dates are listed below.

04 Nov - Brighton, The Green Door Store
05 Nov - Manchester, Soup Kitchen (w Wampire)
06 Nov - Bristol, Start the Bus
08 Nov - London, The Lexington

Jackson Scott could be your friend, that guy on the bus, or even your next door neighbour. He's definitely not the same-named porn star, or the same Jackson Scott who dated that English actress. Then again, this Jackson Scott isn't just another someone. Whilst most college dropouts armed with a 4-track barely see the world beyond their bedroom curtains, this one has been creating Melbourne, a seriously special debut record of boundless tales crafted with the precision and dedication of a true musical wunderkind. "I remember riding in the baby seat listening to Nevermind - maybe listening to a junkie sing pop songs subconsciously influenced me as a four year old," he recalls.

A master welder melting kraut, punk, surf, folk and pop into one psych rock solvent, you could say that for this Jackson, life as a contemporary composer was mapped out from the start. Recalling the ingenuity of fellow home-recording wizard Sparklehorse or leftfield sense of humour of Mellow Gold-era Beck, Jackson has swiftly hushed any mumblings of slacker pop with his clever yet eerie textures and solid direction. Boasting the obscure creative genius that only Tim Burton could bring to a record, Melbourne is the sound of a truly original and extraordinary artist exercising his knack for turning a simple cognitive thought process into an elaborate musical narrative.


29 Oct - (Belgium) Antwerp, Trix Bar (with Mac DeMarco)
30 Oct - (France) Paris, Pitchfork Paris Festival @ Trabendo
31 Oct - (France) Strasbourg, Troc cafe
01 Nov - (Belgium) Namur, beautes soniques festival @ Belvedere
02 Nov - (France) Lille, La Peniche
03 Nov - (France) Nantes, SOY Festival @ Lieu Unique
04 Nov - (UK) Brighton, The Green Door Store
05 Nov - (UK) Manchester, Soup Kitchen (w Wampire)
06 Nov - (UK) Bristol, Start the Bus  
08 Nov - (UK) London, The Lexington
09 Nov - (Netherlands) Amersfoort, I am the City festival
10 Nov - (Netherlands) Utrecht, tivoli spiegelbar
11 Nov - (Germany) Berlin, Privatclub (w Jacuzzi Boys)
12 Nov - (Germany) Hamburg, Uebel & Gefaehrlich (w Jacuzzi Boys)
13 Nov - (Denmark) Copenhagen, Spillestedet Stengade (w Jacuzzi Boys)
14 Nov - (Norway) Oslo, Bla (w Jacuzzi Boys)
15 Nov - (Sweden) Stockholm, Strand Stockholm (w Jacuzzi Boys)
16 Nov - (Sweden) Gothenburg, Pusterviksbaren (w Dead Meadow, Daughn Gibson, Brokback)
17 Nov - (Denmark) Aarhus, Voxhall Atlas (w Drenge)
19 Nov - (Germany) Leipzig, Goldhorn (w Jacuzzi Boys)
20 Nov - (Germany) Munich, Unterdeck
21 Nov - (Croatia) Zagreb, Kino grit
22 Nov - (Italy) Legnano (milan), Circolone club
23 Nov - (France) Besancon, Generiq @ zonarts
24 Nov - (Italy) Turin, Blah Blah
25 Nov - (France) Lyon, Le Sonic