Rocker Jackson Browne hailed late singer Warren Zevon as his "personal hero" when he was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last night (15MAR04).

The RUNNING ON EMPTY hitmaker credited his parents with sparking his childhood interest in music and went on to thank Hindu god BUDDHA for enhancing his life.

Browne told the audience, "I'd like to thank my mother and my father who brought me up in a house filled with music and books, and my sisters and my brother who taught me to play piano and allowed me to appropriate his piano style.

"I was a folk purist and my brother kept learning these rock'n'roll songs that I learned to do from him. I'd like to thank my older sister's friends who started me writing songs and Warren Zevon who is a personal hero of mine who I learned so much from.

"I'd like to thank David Geffen who believed in my songs and took me to so many other record companies to see if they would sign me, and started his own label out of frustration and let us make our own recordings on our own terms.

"I also want to say that so many people thank JESUS. I just want to thank Buddha for working with me for so many years and making such a difference in my life."

16/03/2004 09:05