Celebrity astrologer Jackie Stallone considered writing a letter to British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, complaining about her treatment on UK reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother.

Movie hunk Sylvester Stallone's mother claims the show has destroyed her reputation because she was forced to share a house with celebrities - including her ex-daughter-in-law BRIGITTE NIELSEN - who she claims insulted and humiliated her.

But Stallone decided against bothering the royal family with her problems, after discovering the Queen has enough worries following Prince Harry's decision to wear a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party.

She explains, "The show has destroyed my reputation. I have a multi-million dollar astrology business and I get over 5,000 Brits a month writing to me about their problems.

"Now they're going to be asking for refunds. I was planning to send a letter to the royal family about the indignities and cruel comments I suffered on that show.

"But after reading about Prince Harry and his Nazi gaffe, I realise they have plenty of their own problems."

26/01/2005 09:37