Former child star Jackie Earle Haley endured a humbling job swap when acting roles dried up - he became a pizza delivery boy.
The Little Children star's Hollywood career went dormant in the 1990s when he couldn't land adult acting roles, and he resorted to delivering pizzas and chauffeuring the well-to-do around Los Angeles before making the transition from kid star to serious adult actor.
He says, "Like so many others, (the transition) just proved elusive. I was growing into this heartthrob but my body didn't. It kind of grew into this supporting guy and (the roles) just stopped (coming).
"I decided to leave showbusiness and get my life together emotionally and financially. I was driving limousines and delivering pizzas."
It took a harrowing role as a paedophile opposite Kate Winslet in Little Children to land the actor back in the spotlight and now he's very much in-demand again.
He has since starred in graphic novel adaptation Watchmen, has a regular role in hit TV action drama Human Target and will terrify film fans as the new Freddy Krueger in the upcoming A Nightmare on Elm Street remake.