Novelist Jackie Collins couldn't bring herself to watch her late friend Farrah Fawcett's cancer battle documentary, because she found the footage too "harrowing".
The Charlie's Angels star shot the two-hour TV film, titled Farrah's Story, as she battled the illness and it aired in May, 2009 - just a month before her tragic death.
Collins recorded the show with the intention of watching her pal's brave fight - but she refused to watch the film because she wanted to remember Fawcett when she was healthy.
The writer tells Britain's OK! magazine, "I do think we see too much. There are things we shouldn't see. I just don't know why Farrah did that film. I recorded it at the time but then I deleted it because I just couldn't watch anything that harrowing. I loved Farrah, I just wanted to remember her the way she was."