Author Jackie Collins wants Angelina Jolie and Ryan Gosling to play mother and son in the movie adaptation of her new book Goddess Of Vengeance.
The writer is seriously considering turning her latest scandalous novel into a film - but only the biggest names should consider signing up.
Collins tells, "I would love Ryan Gosling to play the character of Lucky Santangelo's son Bobby. I would love to have Angelina Jolie play Lucky. She's just great and she embodies the character."
Meanwhile, Desperate Housewives star Brenda Strong is desperate to play Collins' leading lady in the writer's first stageplay.
She adds, "We haven't cast it yet but we've done a couple of readings and we had one reading in Los Angeles with Brenda Strong from Desperate Housewives, who read the mother, and she keeps saying to me, 'When is the play going on? I want to play that part!' It's about a young girl who's mother has taken over her life and won't allow her to marry her rock star boyfriend.
"At the end of the first act he is murdered in the family swimming pool. It's Jackie Collins meets Agatha Christie. For the actress who's gonna play the mother, it is the role of a lifetime."