British novelist Jackie Collins has warned former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham to keep an eye on husband DAVID when the couple move to Los Angeles this summer (07). THE STUD author, 69, believes soccer superstar David will be approached by hordes of beautiful women if he achieves his ambition of becoming a star in the US, and she advises Victoria to watch out for these "predatorial" women. David has signed to play for soccer team LA Galaxy and he's rumoured to also be pursuing a film career. Collins says, "There are so many girls in LA that are more beautiful than any on screen and they are predators. If David becomes a movie star, and a lot of people are saying he should, Victoria should know the dangers. "You can't leave men in this town on their own. Not more than a day." The Beckhams have been plagued by persistent rumours of infidelity during their stay in Madrid, Spain.